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Commercial Turf & Garden Maintenance

Commercial Turf & Garden Maintenance

A lush green space at your school, sports club or commercial premises plays an essential role in wowing users, visitors and clients alike.

However, the maintenance of your turf and garden isn’t always easy to keep on top of…that’s why we have a highly experienced team of experts who are dedicated to ensuring your commercial turfed area and surrounding garden beds are always an aesthetically pleasing landscape.

At Australian Turf Management, we can outline a workable and convenient maintenance plan that is cost competitive and flexible. Most importantly this means you can sit back and relax while we keep your environment green and beautiful!

Weed control

Effective weed control isn’t just about treating the top of the unwanted pest and hoping it’ll die off.

Ask any turf expert and they’ll tell you that weed control needs to take into account the removal of weed roots and the minimisation of seed spreading and weed germination.

Our friendly team will discuss the best methods of effectively managing the type and number of weeds that you have in your lawn or turfed area, and we have a large spray unit with a 600L tank that is ideal for larger acreage lawns.

Garden care

The placement of trees and shrubs at your apartment block, school or industrial premises can not only create a welcoming look, but provide shade, clean air and habitat for local wildlife.

From existing garden beds to creating completely new areas, our expert team can help choose, plant and maintain the best native and drought tolerant plants, shrubs and trees to create beautiful and colourful displays of Australian flora, all year round.

We can put a regular maintenance plan in place, or just organise for a team to come over when you need a bit of extra help.

For more information about commercial prestige turf, lawn and garden care, please give our friendly team a call today!