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Hydro-Mulch & Revegetation

Hydro-Mulch & Revegetation

Civil, Councils, Construction, Schools, Sporting Clubs & Private Land Owners

State-of-the-art custom built 4WD hydro-mulcher that has a high-powered, long-distance spray unit which allows greater coverage and efficiency and access to those hard to get places.

  • Sports Fields
  • Roadsides
  • Batters & Banks
  • Stabilisation
  • Dust Supression
  • Erosion Control
  • Hyrdo-Seeding
  • Hyrdo-Mulching

Locally owned & operated
We know our green spaces!

• We can seed it      • We can grass it      • We can stabilise it

Hydro-Stolonising Sports Fields

A process where “runners” or stolons of specified grasses are sprayed by a hydro-mulching unit onsite to be grassed. Stolons are usually applied in a slurry of water, mulch (e.g. wood fibre, bagasse, paper pulp), fertilizer and tackifier/binder. The operator has full control of where the sprigs are applied which makes this approach highly efficient with high grade hybrid grasses.

Stabilisation, Roadsides, Batters & Banks and Erosion

Hydraulically sprayed growth mediums and seeds provide a cost-effective grass growing technique for erosion control on large areas.

We can provide instant soil stabilisation, long term ground cover and improved seed germination, as well as retaining ground water and releasing nutrients.

Dust Suppression

A broad range dust and erosion control formulation effectively binding dust particles and fugitive particulate matter.

Our products stabilises dust emitting, erodible and exposed surfaces through its strong binding and flexible properties and is environmentally sound in formulation and effectiveness.

Hydro-Seeding & Hydro-Mulching

A cost-effective way of getting results fast. A one step process where seeds, fertilisers and mulch are combined together with water and a bio-degradable binder.  This results in a slurry which is sprayed onto soil surfaces providing a mulch mat that provides moisture for germination.

The most cost-effective way to revamp an existing sports field or to create a new sports field quickly.