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Domestic Lawn Care & Garden Maintenance

Domestic Lawn & Garden Maintenance

Protect the exterior beauty of your property with a regular garden and lawn maintenance plan!

It is important to understand that while there is an abundance of ways you can take care of your garden and lawn, many people lack the time and know-how to really get the best out of their green spaces.

So, if you need a bit of help at your place, we’ll create a workable and convenient maintenance plan that is cost competitive and flexible, giving you access to the expertise and knowledge of an experienced team of garden and lawn professionals.

Why should you choose us for your gardening and lawn mowing?

We know your lawn and garden and what it needs!

When it comes to grass, we can guide you on the different varieties, maintenance plans and how treatment differs from lawn to lawn.

It really does pay to have an expert on your side who knows how to effectively treat your grass for insects, disease, weeds and who knows when to aerate and condition the soil.  

Australian Turf Management plant

We love shrubs and trees!

Planting and caring for the massive range of common and native shrubs and trees available can put your head in a spin…so, if you’re struggling with maintaining your garden, we can help.

We’ll put a tree and shrub maintenance plan in place, guaranteeing adequate landscape protection and enhancing the visual qualities of both your lawn and your house.

We hate weeds!

There is nothing more disheartening than forking out hundreds of dollars for gardeners to manually weed, only for them to return within days. Our trained staff offer weed-smart solutions that can minimise the germination of weeds.

We dig garden maintenance!

Our team will visit your residential or commercial premises on a regular basis and attend to all the usual garden maintenance jobs, such as mowing, weeding, pruning, blowing, removal of green waste and generally making sure your green space looks amazing.

We understand the importance of plant well-being!

We ensure plant well-being by taking swift action in treating and resolving problems in the gardens as they arise.

Our experienced team have a sharp eye for noticing the early signs of plant damage caused by insects, pests or disease.

We understand the benefits of Sub Soil Drainage!

Sub soil drainage will protect your lawns & gardens from damaging flooding and excess water. Our sub soil drainage solutions will protect your property particularly in irrigation applications, increasing soil strength by reducing the moisture content. Please contact us for a personalised action plan to drain your lawn and garden of unwanted water.

This yard has had water laying on it for up to 3 weeks:

A series of trenches are dug to allow the installation of 50mm AG pipes. The surface water will be drained down to the pipes and off the property. Washed river sand with no seed bank will be spread over the back yard, which will re-level and take out the hollows & divots.

For more information about our domestic lawn care and garden care packages, or to get an obligation free quote, give our friendly team a call today!