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Sports Fields Turf Maintenance

Dethatching your turf

Great for improving your turf’s overall health, turf dethatching means we cut through the lawn weave with knife-like blades to remove a buildup of debris from underneath the top layer of grass.

Over time, and particularly if your lawn is several decades old, runners, dead grass, small stones and other debris can build up under the surface of your lawn.

This is fine for a while as it provides a buffer between the grass and roots, forming a mulch-like barrier, however too much build up can become a problem, creating dead zones of turf, particularly after mowing.

Using a comb-like operation, we’ll remove the debris and return your turfed area to it’s luscious best!


As talked about above, your turf builds up layers of debris over time that can be beneficial for a limited period, but cause problems after a while.

Aerating your turfed area involves punching small holes through the surface and down into the soil, creating channels through which air, nutrients and water can travel right to where they’re most needed - the grass roots.

It also helps to loosen lawn and turf that suffers from heavy duty use and compaction, such as school ovals, sports fields or at event venues.

There are certain times of the year when aeration should be carried out and our team of turf experts will be able to discuss this with you.

Soil conditioning

Have you ever seen a lovely green space and wondered how the owners get it looking so good?

Many people think extra watering is the only way to get a lush green turf, but actually the secret lies in the condition of the soil.

Soil conditioning basically means improving the quality of the soil to reach optimal growing conditions; by taking care of the PH balance, sodium levels, organic carbon levels and clay content in soil we can ensure that the tilth, water retention and nutrient retention all combine to create a beautiful emerald finish.

Sand spreading

While the concept of sand spreading is often not well understood by people, it is of enormous benefit to your garden, event or sports field turf.

We topdress the field through a process of adding a fine layer of home mixed quality soil to the field's surface, building up the quality of the soil over a period of time which allows the roots to access nutrients while retaining water.

Sandy soils are able to capture and keep moisture in the subsurface resulting in a turfed area that is more resistant to drought, but will also drain well in times of high rainfall.

For more information about anything discussed on this page, or to get an obligation-free quote for your residential or commercial lawn, garden or turf project, we invite you to give our friendly team a call today!

Sports Field Maintenance packages available for Schools & Clubs tailored to suit your budget.